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Of course, we can speak volumes about our products, but we prefer letting our satisfied customers do that for us.


Below is a small sample, from our 500,000 satisfied customers:

Jacqueline Z.

Wonderful and highly effective natural product!As a naturopath, I know how important bitters are for the body. The drops are ablessing for the digestion and I will offer them at my practice too.


Thank you for your great work!

Jules S.

100% recommended.

Right from the very first time I used this [...] I have also been eating smallerportions and feel full quicker. I also feel better in myself. The drops aretotally worth every penny.

Manuela P.

I can but agree with the previous reviews. The drops are great, I feel good in myself, and they are my daily support. I take them after every meal and sometimes between meals. I cannot recommend them highly enough if you are looking to do something good for yourself!

Dany B.

I tried this right away when I found myself craving for something sweet with my coffee in the afternoon. I didn't find it too bitter, I'm used to bitterness anyway, so it didn't bother me at all. It was very refreshing and you feel like you're breathing has got better. The feeling of craving something sweet was actually almost gone! I will continue trying them out, and am finding the drops very promising so far.

Kerstin Y.

I stumbled across you on Instagram, as I often get tummy trouble after eating. A few drops of #Bitterliebe and my problems are much better, especially after eating fatty food. Fantastic. And the bitter taste took a bit of getting used to at first, but now I find it really pleasant. I like it. Thumbs up, I recommend it!

Rabea D.

I feel a lot better since taking these drops every day. I have been avoiding heavy food until now,but with BitterLiebe after a meal this is no longer an issue. My cravings have also decreased a lot. I'm going to try the capsules now, too. This works great for me and I highly recommend it.

Sabine S.

I am such a fan of the drops :-)) I have been having stomach problems for years. A short time on the drops and I feel so much better. They don't really taste great, but the effects totally convince me.

Katharina K.

I stumbled across it on Instagram by chance and thought I'd order some and try it out. And what can I say - I love it. If you don't find it too bitter, it's great for food cravings.

This product is highly recommended and I’m sure this will not be the last time I order some ♡.

Marina M.

When I first saw the ad,I thought, just another ad full of empty promises, but you don't know unless you try, so I ordered some! My grandmother has taken bitters before. It took a few days for the effects to kick in, but they were worth it. The drops really do help!

Simone M.

The drops are highly recommended,I work shifts and therefore eat at odd times and it's not often healthy. My whole stomach has got better since I started taking this. I always have it with me in my bag and I am very happy with it.

Linda K.

I am thrilled, the taste is not too bitter for me personally, I even find it pleasant and neutralising! The herbs are doing me good, and I feel fitter and better. I love taking the drops! Many thanks!

Birgit E.

I can recommend these bitters drops to everyone... especially in the evening. I put a few drops on my tongue and can sleep through the night because I no longer have tummy trouble. Fantastic.Thank you and best regards, Birgit