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Through the industrial production of food, bitter substances
largely "banned" or bred out of today's diet. Thus our 5th sense of taste "bitter" has been completely forgotten. This is a great pity, because "bitter" has super valuable qualities.

These bitter substances are super important for a healthy balance. Especially after a meal these are a relief.

Die Chips-Tüte lächelt Dich mal wieder an und der Süßhunger überwiegt? Versuchs doch stattdessen mal mit unseren Bitterstoffen.

Ebenso der Geschmack kann so unfassbar vielfältig sein – einfach einen Teelöffel unseres Pulvers in Smoothies, Salat-Dressings oder sogar zur Schnitzelpanade dazu geben und Dich wird der Geschmack regelrecht überwältigen.


In order to protect the environment, we do not include paper invoices with the parcels. Of course we will send you the invoice by e-mail if you wish. Just write a short e-mail with your name and order number (if you have it handy) to

Please send us a mail to We can then send you the invoice again.

Then just write to us


Please note that for hygienic reasons we can only take back unopened goods. You can return the products within 14 days to the following address

BitterPower GmbH

Turley Street 8

68167 Mannheim


Please send us a short e-mail that you are returning the goods with your name and order number, if you have them handy. As soon as we have received the goods and checked them, we will refund your money. More information can be found here: AGBs.

Then just write to us


If the parcel did not arrive at your place, it is best to check the tracking system first to see if the parcel was delivered to a branch. Sometimes the shipping service provider unfortunately forgets to put a notification in the mailbox.

If parts of your order are missing, please write a short mail to with your name and the order number (if you have it handy).

We will send you the missing products as soon as possible. Because bitter is better!


You love bitter as we do? You have great new product ideas?

Then write us a message to

Bitter is better!



All our products are made from 100% natural ingredients and are free of additives. Furthermore, the products are vegan, gluten and lactose-free.

If you are unsure whether you are allowed to take the products, please ask your doctor. Since we are a dietary supplement, we are unfortunately unable to provide information on individual cases.


We recommend taking 25 drops 3 times a day, either before or after meals. 25 drops are about half a pipette filling. The practical pipette closure allows you to drip the drops directly onto your tongue. To get used to the bitter taste again, you should not swallow the drops directly, but let them melt on your tongue for about 30 seconds. If the taste is too intense for you, you can start by diluting the drops with water. But you will get used to the taste quickly.

Take a maximum of 10g powder per day. You will find many recipe ideas for the powder on our Blog.

Take a spoon of BitterLiebe-Tea for the preparation and let it steep for about 3-5 minutes. Make sure that you take it out after five minutes at the latest.


The alcohol extracts the colour and aroma substances from the herbs. Many of the valuable active ingredients of our selected bitter herbs dissolve in it. The alcohol extracts the active ingredients from the herbs. The alcohol also ensures a long shelf life.

Do not be put off by the high alcohol content.

3 daily doses of our recommended consumption amount is just one glass of apple juice*.

So you do not need to worry about driving a car etc.

*For alcohol you have to distinguish between the alcohol content (vol.%) and the amount of pure alcohol. For example, if you drink 0.5 litres of apple juice a day, you consume 2g of pure alcohol (4g/1L). For comparison: with the intake of half a pipette (0.35ml) of BitterLiebe after a meal, one consumes 0.1g of pure alcohol.


For BitterLiebe we use only selected ingredients without artificial additives. The products are completely developed and manufactured in Germany. They are also tested for heavy metals and pesticides. We produce without animal testing and all
our products are vegan.
You can find the ingredients of the products on the product pages below under "ingredients and ingredients" or simply here:

Alcohol, water, centaury, wormwood, artichoke, gentian root, bitter orange fruit unripe, ginger root peeled, cardamom with skin, turmeric, dandelion root, yarrow herb with flowers, angelica root, lemon root, fennel brown bitter, black cumin seed, lavender flowers

Dandelion root ground (30 %); Curcuma powder (15 %); Ginger powder (15 %); Galangal root ground (15 %); Juniper berries ground (15 %); Cardamom powder ( 5 %); Artichokes powder (5 %)

Fennel, Ginger, Dandelion, Peppermint, Melissa & Centaury


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