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About Bitters

Why have you never heard of bitters?

Due to industrialisation, bitters have largely disappeared from our foods. Our sense of taste is no longer in its original state but has been manipulated by the exaggerated use of sugar, salt & flavour enhancers.

Foods such as rocket no longer taste really bitter, since the bitter substances have been bred out.

The power of bitters

For a healthy and balanced diet, bitters are a useful supplement. This miraculous, natural power was used centuries ago because of the manifold effects.

Let yourself be inspired by the wondrous power of bitters.

Bitter is better

Today we mainly know the sweet, salty, sour and umami (fleshy) flavours. This is also due to the use of the many flavour enhancers that can be found in most foods today. The first reaction when taking bitters is usually rejection.

But why is that?

Bitter substances have largely disappeared from our diets through the industrial production of food. For taste reasons, many bitter-tasting foods have been rearranged, e.g. Rocket, chicory, radicchio and many more. All these bitter-rich foods are no longer as bitter today as they used to be.

You need bitters

The more bitter the taste for you, the more your body is telling you how it needs bitters.

Take your BitterLiebe regularly and you’ll quickly get used to the bitter taste and your body will instantly feel the benefits.

Our ancestors have known for centuries how important bitters are for our bodies. Starting with Hippocrates (460-370 BC), who already recommended bitter-herbs for ailments, as well as the wonderful Hildegard von Bingen.

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