Frequently asked questions

Why should I be taking BitterLiebe?

Do you sometimes feel like you are a sweet tooth? That you always eat a lot of food?

Try our bitters 🙂

Due to the industrial production of food, bitter substances were largely “banished” from today’s diet – but Bitter is Better!

Why is the Alcohol content in BitterLiebe so high?

The alcohol helps to separate the herbs from the colour and flavorings. It dissolves and retains many of the valuable active ingredients of our hand-picked bitter-herbs. The alcohol extracts the active ingredients from the herbs.Additionally, the alcohol ensures a long shelf life.

Don’t be put off by the high alcohol content as you only ever take a few drops at a time.


For alcohol, you have to differentiate between the alcohol content (vol.%) and the amount of pure alcohol. If you drink, for example, 0.5L apple juice a day, you take 2g of pure alcohol (4g / 1L). By comparison, taking half a pipette (0.5ml) of BitterLiebe after eating contains only 0.22g of pure alcohol.

So for every 0.5L of apple juice you drink, you can take 9 half pipettes of BitterLiebe to get the same amount of pure alcohol.

How does BitterLiebe taste?

It is due to the numerous bitternesss-receptors on the tongue that our BitterLiebe can directly take effect. BitterLiebe tastes strong at first. This is usually a sign that your bitter taste buds have been neglected 😉

TIP: Taking a few drops daily to get accustomed to the new taste experience. Just as you could get used to sweet, sour, salty, spicy and umami tastes, you can also get used to bitter tastes.

Why is BitterLiebe not organically-certified?

We refrain from using organically-certified ingredients. We work closely with qualified suppliers of fresh ingredients. These are all checked for pesticides and heavy metals, so you get a product of excellent quality. Furthermore, in organically-certified produce may still contain pesticides from an approved list. For example, copper may be used to prevent fungal attacks on plants.

In many cases, the organic seal is simply just a marketing tool.

Organic is not always ‘organic’. Organic produce does not have to be locally sourced. If a commodity comes from abroad, for example, it does not automatically have the same organic quality as it would have in England or the UK. This is because the guidelines for organic products in other countries are not as strict as they are here.

Where is BitterLiebe made?

BitterLiebe is produced completely in Germany.