Bitter is better

BitterLiebe contains the secrets of 15 exquisite natural herbs in reference to the age-old and proven monastic recipe of Hildegard von Bingen. The bitters contained therein are considered to improve your well-being.

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No more cravings

Who hasn’t craved a bag of crisps or a bar of chocolate?

A few drops of BitterLiebe can help you stop cravings for something sweet as bitterness is often considered as an appetite-suppressant.

As our tastes are nowadays conditioned to a great extent with sweet food, it takes bitter substances to maintain a healthy balance.

Bitter is better!

Perfect after dinner

Grandma’s Yorkshire Puddings just too good? If only you had eaten less, your stomach might not hurt so much.

But neither schnapps nor espresso really help with bloating and flatulence.

Bitters, on the other hand, stimulate your gastrointestinal tract and help you to digest food faster and better.

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Feel-good factor

Health begins with effective digestion. Bitters are used to produce bile and gastric juices – substances that are essential for the absorption and utilisation of nutrients in the body.

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Over 15.000 happy customers:

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“Wonderful product with great effect! As a naturopatht, I know how important it is to look after your liver and bowels. The drops are a blessing and I will also offer them in my practice. Thank you for your great work! Greetings from Leoben”

Dipl. Naturheiltherapeutin

Jaqueline / Verified Purchase
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“I’m really excited! I started the trial and took a few drops of BitterLiebe with my cravings and then I had no need for sweets […] So I often use BitterLiebe after eating when I want a fresh breath.”

Manuela / Verified Purchase
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“Thanks to the BitterLiebe drops my stomach is doing well. For years I had problems with bloating & flatulence. This time is over now. And a nice side effect: through the drops my cravings for sweets have disappeared.”

Ingrid / Verified Purchase

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